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Pixel Maps & Generating Levels

When initializing levels, all of the game objects need to be placed on the map. There are many different ways of doing this, but the main goal is to be able to easily translate design to code. Many advanced games … Continue reading

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Terrain Maps: A terrible (but awesome) way to make terrain traversal

Early on in my project, I typed up some placeholder code to deal with the player colliding with the terrain. Essentially, it did a check to see if the player was inside of the ground. If he was, keep pushing … Continue reading

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Springs are a pretty standard object in many 2D platformers, but you may want the spring to act differently depending on the game. Typically, a spring will bounce the object up with the same force as it when it hit … Continue reading

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Weekend Update

I’ve worked on a few things this week, most of which is pretty unexciting. Aside from some pretty mundane stuff such as adding walls, I’ve made some additions and improvements. I’ll do a more in depth post on each of … Continue reading

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Duncan is Games #2

The Company of Myself Duncan is Games is a continuing series of posts where I detail some cool indie games I found across the web. Most of them are freeware or web-based, so you can play them if they sound … Continue reading

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Duncan is Games #1

…But That Was [Yesterday] This is the first post in a (possibly) continuing pursuit to talk about all of my favorite indie games. These games are not guaranteed to be timely, but I’ll try not to unearth anything stupidly ancient. … Continue reading

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The Website Sucks Less

Little bit of an overhaul today. Let me go over all of the stupid changes. Theme is less bad. Yeah, I can actually use bold and italic now. Plus, the text is nice and big. Maybe too big, actually. Main … Continue reading

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New Terrain Stuff!

Let me start off by saying that the second podcast is ready, but I’m having some issues on the site. I’ll have it up by tomorrow, I think. Okay, well I’ve fixed a few of the terrain editor glitches. You … Continue reading

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Video: Terrain Editor Basics

Just a quick youtube video to show how the terrain editor is coming along. I just recorded the podcast with Jackson, so I don’t feel like talking too much. Later folks! Terrain Editor Basics Update: Huh, embedding isn’t working? Bah, … Continue reading

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Starting the Level Creator.

All right, I’m starting to get into the meat of the game, so there’s a bit going on over here. Mainly, I’ve started creating the tool that I will use to make the levels. For now, it’s all placeholder art, … Continue reading

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